10 Years?!?

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Orange Springs Retreat Center was featured in the New York Times!

We have come such a long way with updated facilities, cabins and activities but we still have the same spirit!

When you arrive at the Orange Springs Retreat Center, a feeling of “home” and comfort suddenly takes over. You can feel the peace, quiet and beautiful energy! As you drive up the “dirt road” you suddenly shift into excitement and wonder as you see the famous lake and the massive “iceberg” and trampoline! If you wander further back, you notice the giant rock wall and ropes course and instantly, you are certain you have signed up for a great time!

Ten years can feel like a lifetime before you begin, but looking back, it seems to have flown by. Your peaceful spirit and need for excitement are what brought you here, the great time is what keeps you coming back.

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